Pragmatischer Macher.
Erfahrener Berater.
Kreativer Denker.
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Gerne für Sie da!
Happy to be there for you – globally.
I am where my missions are.

I look forward meeting you and your challenges – small or huge!

What You benefit from

Whether you want to start a business or run it for years. Whether it's developing a business strategy, building a brand or putting your business on the road to success. With my creativity and my almost 40 years of professional experience in different industries, functions and leadership positions, I can offer you a expert help to make you successful. With passion and pragmatism we find and follow the individual path that suits you.

Listed in several economic development schemes I can offer you a subsidised consultancy, so that you save up to 90% of the consultancy costs.

Knowledge must live

I am happy to pass on this continuously updated knowledge and the new experiences I gain – be it as an Author, Consultant, Coach or Lecturer. I have adopted a practice-oriented and pragmatic approach that focuses on customer and reality rather than purely academic solutions. What use is the most beautiful theory if it cannot be put into practice? That's why I sometimes help out myself.

I am happy to support you as well.

I look forward meeting you and your challenges!

Franz-Rudolf Borsch
Dipl. WirtschaftsIng (FH)